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South Park on Comedy Central

Episode Summary




In the March 11th episode of Comedy Central’s South Park (Wednesdays, 10:00 p.m. ET), the creators of the perennially vile show Trey Parker and Matt Stone take a swipe at the Jonas Brothers and the Walt Disney corporation for allegedly marketing sex to young girls.  Matt and Trey have no moral ground to stand on, having profited from the corruption of young people for over a decade.  For hypocritically criticizing purity rings as a marketing ploy while airing sexually explicit content aimed at its young male viewers, South Park has been named Worst Cable TV Show of the Week


The show begins with the South Park gang agog at the fact that Kenny has found himself a girlfriend, Tammy.  Kenny’s friends, however, feel compelled to warn him that she has a tarnished reputation.  Cartman informs him, “Kenny, your girlfriend is a notorious whore. She even gave a kid named Dave Darsky a BJ in the parking lot of TGI Fridays…Your girlfriend's a slut, dude.”  Upon hearing the news, Kenny jumps for joy. 


Tammy confesses that the rumors are true.  She explains, “But it was before you and I were together and it wasn't my fault. See, I was watching the Disney channel and that show came on with the Jonas Brothers…You know, that teenage boy band. Every time I see them I get so tingly…I just completely lose control. And then Dave Darsky showed up and took me to TGI Fridays. And it just happened. But it was only for one second and I had my eyes closed. I know it's terrible. Can you forgive me, Ken?”  Kenny more than forgives her – he buys her tickets to see the Jonas Brothers live in concert.  Before the performance, Kenny buys condoms in anticipation of receiving oral sex.  (By the way, the main characters in this program are in the fourth grade.)


At the concert, the Jonas Brothers perform songs about abstinence.  Nevertheless, the young girls in the audience are whipped into a frenzy.  One little girl coos, “My ‘gina tingles.”  And tween girls aren’t the only ones in the audience.  A gay man is shown rubbing his genitals in the stands while the Brothers rock the stage.  After the concert, Tammy announces, “Oh, my God.  I’m so worked up.  I just want to attack you, Kenny!”  Kenny rushes to get to the parking lot, but an attendant invites Tammy backstage to meet the Brothers.  When one fan asks why the Brothers brought them backstage, a more mature young fan explains, “They called us back here so we can give them bl******.”  The girls insist that they would never do that even for their favorite rock stars.  But as soon as the Brothers enter the room, their mouths pucker open.  The Brothers, though, aren’t interested in sex.  They ask the girls to wear purity rings, signifying their commitment to remain abstinent until marriage.


While Tammy and Kenny agree to wear the rings, the Jonas Brothers start to express misgivings about wearing them.  Their defiance ignites the ire of their corporate master – Mickey Mouse. 


“You have to wear purity rings,” Mickey explains, “because that's how we sell sex to little girls.”  Mickey points to a poster from Jonas Brothers: the 3-D Concert Movie and continues, “See, if we make the posters of little girls reaching for your junk then you have to wear purity rings or Disney Company looks bad.”


Nick Jonas complains, “But we don't want to be selling sex to little girls anymore.”  He threatens to not take the stage.


Mickey punches Nick in the crotch and kicks his face until blood pours out while he screams, “You don't [ bleeped ‘f***ing’] talk to me like that. You don't talk to me like that. You little piece of [bleeped ‘s***’!] Get the [bleeped ‘f***’ up!]!”


The Jonas Brothers agree to perform and Mickey commands, “Now get out there and make me some go***** money.”


The Brothers promote their upcoming concert on a morning talk show.  The host comments, “It's good that little girls can see a concert and not have it be about sex. Now at the concert tonight, you'll be dousing Girls in white foam is that correct...Can you give our audience a peek? What do you say, girls? Do you want the Jonas Brothers to douse you with their white foam?”  The Brothers spray white foam onto the audience of little girls.  The Host asks the audience, “You like taking the Jonas Brothers' hot foam in your faces, girls?”


The Cartman, Stan, and Kyle disrupt the morning show and blame the purity rings for turning Kenny into a bore.  Mickey Mouse thinks that Kenny’s friends are moles for DreamWorks.  Backstage before the concert, he threatens to torture them with a chainsaw unless they admit that they plan to sabotage the event.  During Mickey’s tirade, Stan turns up the mic and broadcasts Mickey’s foul remarks to the concert goers and viewers watching at home.  Mickey screams, “You three fa***** are going onstage and you three fa***** aren't going to stop me.  Nobody is ruining this event!  I have worked too long and too hard to have anybody [bleeped ‘f***’] this up!  Where would you be without me Jonas Brothers?  Your music sucks and you know it! It's because you make little girls' gina's tickle. And when little girls' gina's tickle, I make money. And that's because little girls are [bleeped ‘f***ing’] stupid. And the purity rings make it okay to do whatever I want. Even the Christians are too [bleeped ‘f***ing’] stupid to figure out I'm selling sex to their daughters!  I’ve made billions off of Christian ignorance for decades now.  And do you know why? Because Christians are retarded.  They believe in a talking dead guy!”  The ensuing backlash against the Mickey Mouse and the Disney Company supposedly assures that the purity rings will be a marketing failure. 


How can such a vile show that targets adolescent males, despite being rated for mature audiences only, possibly accuse anyone else of crass marketing?  While the show’s creators cynically dismiss the positive messages that the Jonas Brothers promote, they cash in on countless merchandise – video games, T-shirts, DVDs – that teach young men to be as morally bankrupt as they are. 


For foul language, explicit sexual content, and brazen hypocrisy South Park has been named Worst Cable TV Show of the Week


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