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Worst TV Show of the Week

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Family Guy on Fox


On its November 18th episode, Fox’s crude animated series Family Guy (9:00 p.m. ET) belched out another patently offensive episode, qualifying the program yet again as the Worst of the Week.  The episode was a disturbing in-your-face satire on the immigration debate facing the U.S.; but any legitimate points were totally obscured by a thick veil of sexual innuendo, graphic imagery, and foul language. 


The show starts off with Peter flaunting his patriotism.  He becomes radically anti-immigrant.  In one scene early in the show, the men sit around a table and discuss Peter’s love of country:


Joe: "Wow, Peter! You're really becoming quite the patriot!"


Peter: "You bet I am! I just had my penis tattooed to look like a space shuttle, and my nads tattooed to look like launch exhaust!"


Quagmire: (thinking): "That bastard! That was my idea! He stole it! I was going to do that to my penis! Oh well. Maybe I can do something else, like the Space Needle. Or a banana. Or a Sharpie.”


When Peter launches an investigation to crack down on illegals at his workplace, he discovers that he himself is an illegal immigrant.  His mother explains that she became pregnant and fled to Mexico to have an abortion.  In a flashback we see the writer’s depiction of a Mexican abortion: Peter’s mother goes into a Mexican establishment where she is strung up by a rope, and children beat her stomach with piñata sticks.  Peter falls out of his mother’s uterus alive and dangles by the umbilical cord.  The sight of her newborn child is enough to make his mother keep him, and baby Peter is taken back to the U.S. where he is raised. 


Now unemployed because of his illegal status, Peter must find work he deems suitable for an illegal.  He tries working as a housekeeper at a motel (where he tries to engage in a threesome with a couple staying at the motel) and as a nanny for two young children.  The nanny position is shown as a spoof on Mary Poppins, as Peter falls through the ceiling of the children’s quarters and crushes both of the children into a bloody mess.  After vomiting on their remains he pushes the bodies under the bed with his umbrella, vomits again and sneaks out of the window. 


Peter is ultimately bailed out of his predicament as an illegal by his father-in-law and returns to life as normal.  Another noteworthy scene from the episode features Baby Stewie at a strip club.  He sits in the front row while a stripper dances provocatively on a pole in front of him.  Stewie remarks, "Is there anyone here who hasn't had a C-section?"


Family Guy never ceases to shock and horrify with its gratuitous transgression of moral and ethical boundaries.  The program hides its offensive filth under the cover of satire, but the smut that saturates the program from start to finish makes any honest critique of society impossible to accept.  For obvious reasons, Family Guy is once again our pick for Worst of the Week.


Worst TV Show of the Week

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