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Worst TV Show of the Week

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Family Guy on Fox


Somehow the “420” episode of Family Guy managed to escape being named Worst TV Show of the Week when it originally aired on April 19th.  (For those that don’t know, “420” is code for marijuana.  And for those that do know what it means, they probably forgot about the show immediately after they watched it.)  Well, a rerun of the episode aired on June 6th, giving the PTC a second chance to decry a program that rightfully deserved to be called Worst TV Show of the Week.


In this episode, Brian – the family dog – is arrested after a small baggie of marijuana falls out of his leash in front of a policeman.  Upon his release, he becomes an activist for the legalization of marijuana.  To help get his message across, Stewie couches Brian’s political propaganda in a snazzy musical number.  Here’s a portion of the lyrics along with the accompanying action on the screen:


Ensemble: “When Texas people wanna feel good”


Stewie: “They go assault a queer.”


[Stewie rides on top of a gay man who is down on all fours.]


Ensemble: “When stupid people need a thrill,”


Stewie: “They rent The Rocketeer.”


Ensemble: “When Michael Jackson needs a rush,”


Stewie: “He humps a guy like me.”


[Stewie stands on top of the bed where Michael Jackson is lying beneath the sheets.]


Ensemble: “Right!”


All: “But all we need is a bag of weed,

To keep us worry free.

One, Two, Three, HO!

A Bag of Weed, A Bag of Weed

Oh, everything is better with A Bag of Weed

Oh, you don't need meth and you don't need speed…


[Two drug addicts are on a park bench.  One is about to smoke a meth pipe while the other is about to shoot up with a needle.  Stewie throws away the pipe and needle while the crowd hands them a each a large bag of marijuana.]


…because everything is better with A Bag of Weed.”


Stewie: “Have a go, Brian!”


Brian: “As Mr. H.L. Menken said, ‘The common man's a fool.’ “


Stewie: “And just like Helen Keller said, ‘Poof do kee dee poh pool.’ “


Brian: “But try and use your heads and don't buy into all the fear.”


All: “HEY!

'Cuz all we need is a bag of weed

To make us wanna cheer!

And One, Two!

A Bag of Weed, A Bag of Weed

Oh, everything is better with A Bag of Weed

You can try and fight but we're all agreed

Because everything is better with A Bag of Weed.”


As a result of the groundswell of support, the mayor legalizes marijuana and the town falls into a soporific haze of contented laziness. 


This gratuitous glorification of drug use belies the seriousness of the problem.  Clearly, given the timing of the original broadcast, this episode was meant to commemorate the supposed holiday on 4/20 and the musical number intentionally designed to be a pothead classic.  Yet, for the millions of adolescent viewers that watched the show, its pro-marijuana stance irresponsibly sends them the message that illegal drug use is okay.  In fact, it makes everything better.  For condoning drug use and for conveying a dangerous message to the youth of America, the June 6th rerun of Family Guy rightfully deserves the title of Worst TV Show of the Week.


Worst TV Show of the Week

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