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Worst TV Show of the Week

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Family Guy on Fox


Last Sunday was Mother’s Day; and Family Guy/American Dad/Cleveland Show creator Seth MacFarlane once again indulged his hatred of the traditional family. One short week after showing a character eating out of a baby’s full diaper, eating vomit, and licking the baby’s rear, MacFarlane gave viewers an episode with an outrageously stereotyped gay father having a sex-change operation, graphic violence and sexual innuendo, and yet more vomiting -- thus making the May 9th episode of Family Guy (9:00 p.m. ET) the Worst TV Show of the Week.  


The episode opens with sex fiend and rapist pedophile Quagmire boasting to Peter that his father, a Vietnam war hero, will be visiting. MacFarlane uses outrageous gay stereotyping when the father makes his entrance, dancing down the stairs to Nancy Sinatra’s “These Boots Are Made For Walkin’.” To prove his father is not gay, Quagmire takes Peter and Lois to a dinner honoring his father – where other officers indulge in a frenzy of innuendo.


Quagmire worries that his father is gay.  His dad’s fellow naval officers make comments to Quagmire that sound like veiled gay references.  


NAVAL OFFICER:  “It's great to see you back in your element tonight surrounded by seamen.” 


PETER:  (laughs) “Semen!  See Quagmire, I told you he's gay.”


QUAGMIRE:  “Shut up, Peter!”


OFFICER 2:  “Hey, are you Dan's boy?  ... Your dad was very brave back in Southeast Asia.  He flew supplies in where others wouldn't dare to go.  I can't tell you how many loads your dad took when I served with him.”


OFFICER 3:  “Glen, I wouldn't miss this night for the world.  Everyone here admires your dad.  He'd walk into an army barracks and make every private there feel important.  Yeah, he just knew how stroke those privates.” 


OFFICER 4:  “If there was one man you wanted in your hole it was your dad.”


OFFICER 5:  “Your dad had the best penis in the military.”


When Quagmire confronts his father about his suspicions, the father tells him he is not gay: he’s merely a woman trapped in a man’s body, and is planning on having a sex-change operation. This leads to a long, tiresome, and allegedly humorous debate between Quagmire, Peter and Lois as to whether a man who feels like a woman inside and wants to date other men is actually just gay. After the surgery, Quagmire takes his father, now a woman going by the name Ida, to dinner at Peter’s house, where more graphic and insulting dialogue follows, with Peter asking Ida, “So tell me about those knockers.  Is that just implants?  Or did they re-assign some ass fat up there?” Afterwards, Quagmire rejects his father, who goes to a hotel – and meets (and sleeps with) Peter’s talking dog Brian.


The next day, Stewie tells Brian that he has had sex with Quagmire’s father. Brian becomes sick at the thought. Ida returns home to Quagmire, who tells his father he accepts her and wants her to be happy. Almost, for one brief moment, the viewer might think that MacFarlane is trying to make a serious point about accepting others who are different. But since the show has just devoted a straight 37 seconds of airtime to showing vomit graphically spraying out of Brian’s mouth, it seems more likely that this is just a set-up for yet another cheap gag. Which it is: embracing his father, Quagmire apparently has an erection: “Sorry.  Damn thing can't tell the difference.” When he learns of the previous evening’s events, Quagmire brutally beats Brian, knocking him about his house. The episode ends on the uplifting note of the bloodied Brian mocking Quagmire by yelling after him, “I (bleeped f*****) your dad!”


This is not the first time Seth MacFarlane and Family Guy have trashed parenthood. But then, what else could be expected from a man who humiliated his own mother by bribing her to get up on stage and say, “Suck my d***”? With such sensibilities on the part of its creator, it is no wonder Family Guy is consistently named the Worst TV Show of the Week.     

Worst TV Show of the Week

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